Inspired by Northern Italy. Designed for Modern Adventurers.

Founded in 2019 by longtime friends Ben Lavely and Alex Casertano, Carema is a clothing company that celebrates the heritage, craftsmanship, and lifestyle of the Italian Alps. This corner of the world strikes the ultimate balance of sophistication, simplicity, and sprezzatura, and this spirit is alive and well at Carema. We blend exceptional design, quality, and function to create products that inspire joy, embody integrity, and evoke the understated style of the mountains.

Our Philosophy

Before founding Carema, we worked with many of the biggest names in global retail, and we saw firsthand how those who claimed to be “leading” the industry were actually misleading the consumer and harming the planet. It’s now abundantly clear: mainstream fashion is broken.

Now more than ever, we should be making clothing in a way that protects the environment, while respecting all the members of the value chain (animals included).

Humble in scope but ambitious in aim, Carema is our attempt to help the industry find its way back to integrity and sustainability—one exceptional garment at a time.   

Our Partners

In setting up our supply chain, we sought out Italy’s best mills and most skilled craftsmen to create our collection of sustainable knitwear. Our designs honor the long-standing tradition of  quality and style for which Northern Italy is known.

Meet Our Foundational Fiber: Fine Merino

Iconic style starts with the finest materials, and a fiber has never looked finer than our Merino, which combines the softness of cashmere, the strength of cotton, and the warmth of wool. Plus, it’s recyclable and biodegradable.

Wool is at the heart of our collection, so we headed to Biella in search of the best. Located in the foothills of the Alps, Biella has been the center of the Italian wool industry since the 13th century. Its preeminent mill, Tollegno, is committed to research, innovation, and environmental stewardship as it continues to spin the world’s finest textiles and yarns.

Certified sustainable and fully traceable, this yarn gives every Carema product its exceptional qualities. After all, wool is the original performance fiber: warm even when wet, anti-microbial, breathable, resilient, and durable. It regulates temperature better than synthetics—keeping you warm on the slopes, comfortable in the lodge, and  smartly dressed on the streets.