Some say that skiing is the original leisure sport. Retreating to the mountains to enjoy the rarified alpine air, cut some turns, and finish off the day with warm fire and friends.

Carema carries on this long tradition, making sweaters and knits that look equally dashing on the mountain as they do knocking around the village. 

Quality from a bygone era, updated with modern fits and luxurious details, Carema is designed for a life of leisure and sport, both above and below treeline. 

It Starts In Tasmania

Our Tasmanian merino wool partner — the Von Bibra family — run a picturesque ranch stretching back generations. All things noble and good about small-scale family agriculture are part of why we chose to work with the ranch. Quality, land stewardship and animal wellness are the foundational, non-negotiable tenants we sought out and found in the Von Bibra's.

Carema’s wool comes from the Von Bibra’s legendary Beaufront ranch, where an ideal climate coaxes a longer, finer merino fiber that performs better than any other on the market. Long, strong, and fine — this is the stuff that become the best suiting fabrics in the world. A better fiber makes for a better sweater.
Italy Map
Italian Know-How

Raw materials on their own amount to little without the processing acumen to transform them into a finished thing of beauty. We start our processing in Biella, Italy — The 400 year torch-bearer of quality, performance, and finish for all things woolen.

Glacier fresh, mineral laden, hard water courses through the fabled mountain town and creates an abundant and unmatched resource for washing, dying, and finishing the finest yarns in the world. We partner with one of the oldest and most revered mills in Biella to develop yarns that are suited to life above the tree-line: longer, smoother, finer than cashmere and tough as nails. We knit these yarns into sweaters to be worn for a lifetime.